About us

Ad Cost Checker is designed and developed by TrinityP3 Strategic Marketing Management Consultants.

TrinityP3 is an independent strategic marketing management consultancy that assists marketers, advertisers and procurement with agency search & selection, agency engagement & alignment and agency monitoring & benchmarking to ensure maximum performance in efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising and marketing budgets. We work across Asia-Pacific including Australia, China and SE Asia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and Auckland, and work globally through our Marketing FIRST Forum network.

The data provided in the Ad Cost Checker system is drawn form the databases of TrintiyP3 and the various members of the Marketing FIRST Forum. It is supplemented by the data entered by those using the Ad Cost Checker system. This data is checked to ensure it is valid and relevant. Any data considered to be dubious or spurious is reviewed and either rejected or included once verified.

The database provides a statistically significant base of information. However the interpretation of the benchmarks will depend on the accuracy of the defined relationship against which the benchmark is being used to compare.

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